Control Your Sugary Teeth during Festive Season

Festivals are continuously going on! All People in India are in festive mood. Sweets are an important part of our festivals. Without sweets we cannot even imagine our festivals but we have to control our sweet tongue for our better health. When lots of delicious yummy mouth-watering sweets are just front of us and offered us for having by our relatives, it’s hard to hold your hand back and saying ‘NO’ to sweets. This year we can enjoy to the fullest in different way.

Some easy steps to Control our sugary teeth and sweet tongue:

  • In this festive season, enjoy your dessert portion but you have to control your portion size. If you have one laddoo in your plate, just take one pinch of it to satisfy your mouth.
  • You can just avoid continuous sweet intake. Try to have sweets once or twice in a week for festive week only.
  • We can prepare chenna sweets with less sugar content. You can sweetened with sugar free also. For better health, you can squeeze and use it.
  • In making of laddoo, without preparing the besan in ghee, you can roast it first for less fat contents.
  • As Diwali gift items, we can offer Dry-fruits like Almonds, Walnuts, Figs, Apricots, dates, raisins rather than sweets as healthy nutritious options.
  • You can make sweets at home with some difference. Rather than sugar, you can use dates and raisins as sweet portions which is sweet in taste and rich in nutrients.
  • Kheer is the most religious sweet option in these traditional weeks. Kheer would be made with sugar free rather than sugar. It will not change your taste palate. Even you can made  sugar-free shewai kheer also.
  • Stevia is a natural sweetener which can be used in preparation of  various drink.
  • Some people are suffering from diabetes or obesity who have to avoid sweets. For these people we can suggest some other options like, vegetables, fruits, almonds, walnuts etc. to avoid sweet craving.
  • If you have too much sweets, you have to go for a brisk walk or jogging or you can do meditation for control.

Control Your Sugary Teeth during Festive Season

                          Welcome to D4H Wellness Mantra

Diwali Festival a unique festival combination of Light, Sweets, Joy and Happiness

So why you are thinking so much to eat your favourite sweets

In today, Diet4Health Mantra , I will tell you how you can celebrate the festival

1 Sweets option are

  • Dates burfi / laddu
  • Chena sweets
  • Nuts Chikki / Bar
  • Rosted Nuts
  • Til Taddu with Jaggery
  • Sugar free Besan Laddoo

Preparation tips

Instead of so much Fat and Oil, Use Roasted / less fat / Microwave cooking process

Sweets intake time

  • Avoid Continuous eating sweets means
  • have it only celebration time (when you are

  The Day when you are eating more sweets need to control at least your meal portion

Never forgot to burn your calorie with good activity,

Mediate your self with morning nature walk

Do yoga/ surya namaskar in open garden

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