• We provide diet plan based on individual medical reports and dietary habits information provided during counselling. Dietary principal will vary with the medical and clinical changes
  • Diet plan based on natural diet only, that will never interfere individual ongoing medication, individual need to consult the Doctor for any medication change required
  • In case you suffer from any allergies relating to food or otherwise, kindly inform us of the same before beginning the programme.
  • In case you had any medical conditions in the past or have any medical conditions presently, kindly inform us of the same before beginning this programme.
  • Weight Management plan result depend on individual body type (like age, genetics, activity and gender), Medical condition & following pattern of client
  • Consultant is not committed for any target, its depend on body individual response and sincerity
  • We do not Recommend anyone to follow same meal pattern after DeActivation of program as suggested meal pattern is for current health condition. 
  • Regular consultations every 3-6 months are essential to monitor and adjust any health concerns after deActivation of any Program 
  • We dont have any program cancellation / refundable policy
  • Plan is not transferable because This Agreement is personal to you therefore it is not be transferred to another person and paid amount will not be refundable at any circumstances
  • Plan validity is non-extendable
  • Clients are requested to maintain regular contact with the Centre for the efficiency of the program.
  • Gaps/irregularities in the program will not be adjusted later.
  • User App service will be available / live as per the selected plan period only. Diet chart will Visible on App, However We don’t have option for Email / Pdf and Paper. 
  • We provide one App login for one case, we do not committed multiple logins in different device
  • In case of unpaid dues/ instalment / payment, diet4health have right to deactivate the user dashboard service
  • D4H Wellness have reserve right to change website content / information at any point of time
  • In view of the above policy, members are requested to avail consultations with regularity to benefit maximally.
  • The clients are requested to register only after a clear understanding of the process involved, as D4H Wellness Cannot be held liable thereafter.
  • By making the payment for the program you agree to receive phone calls, sms and mailers from D4H WELLNESS
  • For the enrolment of any plan client need to pay full amount of applicable charges
  • D4H Wellness have authorized to convert / change / discontinue the plan in case of unpaid fees instalment

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