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I started my journey from 145 kg in the month of September and within span of 4 months I reduce my weight to 114 kgs approx 30 kgs I reduced and still continuing healthy diet plan given by Diet for Health and with special guidance from Dr Aarti Jain I am sure I would be able to reach my ideal weight of 85 kgs soon Read More
Gagan Lamba
it was a wonderful journey. I used to weigh 74 kgs and now im 58 kgs. but now im so much more confident with my body. i feel healthy and fit. i ‘ m so thankful to have chosen Diet4health
Bihu Sarkar
Enrolled with Diet4Health after getting inspired by my wife’s experience and thus started it as new year resolution to get fit and have healthy routine. The weight loss journey was easier than expected as most of the diet plan was designed as per my taste and routine. And the results are quite amazing. From almost 101 Kgs in Jan 19 to 83.5 Kgs in June 19. A BIG THANK YOU to the team of Diet 4 Health. Read More
Ashish Sood
Navi Mumabi
I have started my journey from 96kgs before 4 months. Then I enrolled for consulted Nutritionist Arti Jain for my diet routine.with the balance of both I, now, have lost almost 20kgs. Proper nutrition has played a very major role in pushing me towards my fitness goal. I now feel more confident, fit and energetic. Thank you Ms Arti jain for an effective, interesting and easy to follow diet.
Harshal Patel
Navi Mumbai
Diet provided by Dr. Aarti is easily manageable and simple. I could reduce 16kg by following her diet plan. She prepared me to follow her diet as a part of my life style. I am very much satisfied. My daughter is also following her diet plan for PCOD and found very effective.
Ruksar Shaikh
She is the best dietitian for weight loss... Gives best diet... Love her... I had a great experience with dietitian Arti Jain. She is very wonderful n understanding... she helped me to reduce 10 kgs in 3 mnths
Neha B

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, medical history/ Condition, Family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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Dr Arti is a very good dietician. Her diet is very easy to follow and she’s very flexible in her timings. I’ve been having a very good experience with her and I love her diet
Mariette Figuereido
I was introduced to Diet4health by a friend and how thankful i am to her for guiding me to follow this program. the program is super effective very easy to follow , not much of a shopping list required and the most of all It works very effectively. It helped me find a solution to my bloating and constipation and also i managed to lose 6 kgs of weight In a span of two months. the followup and communication is excellent
Vinnie mohnani
They are extremely helpful and forthcoming with whatever issues I have had. Staying abroad makes it difficult to find some of the advised dietary supplements but they always came up with alternative and helped me. I never thought I would even lose 100 gm but ended up losing 4kilos in 3 weeks which is a big surprise for me with all my added medical conditions. Really recommend taking their help if you want to take a step towards a healthier life. Looking forward to my journey with them
Satarupa Bose
Sweden, Europe

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, medical history/ Condition, Family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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With help of Dr. Arti Jain and team I reduce 14 kg in 2.5 months. They have very professional approach and good variety of veg and non veg food. They monitors closely with weekly follow up and feedback. Thanks a lot.
Sachin Thokal,
“My body is not a dustbin” might sound some weird dialog, but thanks to Dr. Arti Jain, when I really understood the meaning of it and started taking care of my body with the nutrition suggested I was really amazed with the healthy results and I now feel so active, energetic, fresh and confident. Thank you Doctor for rescuing me from this new-age-unhealthy-eating-habits blunder!!!
Poonam Gupta
Worth 5 stars my journey just started with diet4health and I am very satisfied with the results. i started in November 2020 with 87kg and now in May 2021 my weight is 71kg.i am very satisfied with the result. Thank you to Arti Mam, Shabista and team
Mumtaaz Abdul Razak
A very healthy weight loss programme with a very cooperative team. In spite of lockdown we could manage the diet with whatever was available. A very flexible diet programme where you actually end up eating more healthy food. In 5 months’ time it was a very easy job to loose around 13 kgs. Thanks a lot to Arti Mam and her team in helping us to have a healthy frame
M Mishra

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person depending upon age, medical history/ Condition, Family history, lifestyle and physical activity.

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