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Hi, I am Dietitian Arti Jain

With over 20 years of experience in Clinical Dietetics, Dietician Arti Jain believes that healthy nutrition is the only way to live longer and a disease-free life, while maintaining work-life balance. Arti holds extensive knowledge about nutrition and health and has mastered skills and techniques that help her provide the most effective consultation to her users. Arti is also a Diabetic Educator and Weight Management consultant. She has contributed to changing dietary and lifestyle of over hundreds of people. “I am passionate about helping people reach their health & wellness goals. I have helped a lot of people lose weight, improve their diet and live healthier lifestyle,” she says. Her natural ability to connect with people brings her closer to their problems and helps understand them on an emotional level rather than just being a consultant. Besides, Arti practices what she preaches. She follows a healthy lifestyle and is quite an inspiration for those around her. Despite her own busy schedule, she always makes time to keep herself active by talking a walk, running and participating in fitness activities.


  • She has been awarded for Best Dietitian in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai & Suburban in 2019 
  • Best Clinical Fitness Expert in 2020

Dt Arti Jain
Founder and Chief Nutritionist of Diet4Health

MSc (Dietetics), PG Dip(Nutrition), Diabetic Educator(USA), International Sports Nutrition ( California), Hormonal Diet Expert, Genetic Diet Expert, Clinical Cosmologist & Trichologist

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Best Health Care Award 2021

Maharastra Udyojak Award in 2021 by Bollywood & Marathi Actress Sai Tamnhakar

Most Trusted WeightLoss Centre 2019

by Bollywood actress & BJP leader Ms Poonam Dhillon

India's Emerging Dietitics Leader 2020

by Bollywood Actress Padmini Kolhapure

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